Name: Tyrone Buckley

Organization: Housing CA

Title: Policy Director

Board member since: 2013

​What does partnership with SHA mean for your organization?

SHA is one of the regional affordable housing advocacy organizations that we lean on to support our statewide advocacy. SHA staff and board of directors are our eyes and ears in the Sacramento region. They provide the perspective of the Sacramento region so that we can ensure that state policy and funding sources better serve Sacramento. We also rely on SHA for local support of statewide measures, such as the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act, which will be on the ballot in November 2018. Housing CA is engaged in this campaign now and SHA supports our push to secure $4 billion in affordable housing funding by soliciting local endorsements and making sure that when the election comes, Sacramentan’s know the power of their vote.

Describe a recent SHA achievement your proud of.

​I am proud of SHA’s current effort to ensure that a significant portion of the new funds generated in Sacramento by Measure U will go to build more affordable housing. Permanent rent-restricted affordable housing must be the primary solution to addressing the region’s housing crisis for people struggling to keep a roof over their heads. We also know that, while shelters and emergency assistance are necessary components of helping people experiencing homelessness, the solution to homelessness is a home. SHA is most valuable when using our power to make sure that addressing the housing crisis is a high priority for our elected decision-makers and that priority is demonstrated through investment of resources.