Our Mission

Sacramento Housing Alliance advocates for safe, stable, accessible, and affordable homes in the Sacramento region. SHA builds healthy communities through education, leadership, and policy change.

Our Vision

Everyone in the Sacramento region has a home in a healthy and inclusive neighborhood.

Guiding Principles

  • Housing is a human right.
  • The solution to homelessness is homes.
  • Lasting change requires coalition building, community collaboration, and public education.
  • Policymakers must address systemic racism and the social and economic structures that deepen neighborhood inequity.
  • Appropriate investment broadens access to housing, safe communities, healthy food, good jobs, and community self-determination.

Our Team

Kendra Noel Lewis

Executive Director

Kendra Noel Lewis (nee Walker) a 4th generation, San Francisco native grew up in the neighborhood and community of Bayview Hunters point. It was the culture of Bayview – Hunter Point where the predominately Black community were the migrants of the Jim Crow south settled and built a strong community. Bayview was the model for where Kendra’s love of community and desire to work to empower and uplift the community. Kendra was the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college. Now calling the Sacramento region her home, she has been active in the greater Sacramento community and has served in various leadership roles in organizations such as the Sacramento YWCA, Traveler’s Aid, the San Francisco Community Land Trust, and Sacramento Urban Debate League.

Jody Johnson

Policy Director

We are excited to introduce you to our new Policy Director, Jody Johnson! Stay tuned to learn more…

Our Board

Cathy Creswell

Board President, At-large

Jennifer Fleming

Vice-President, Mercy Housing

LaShawnda Barker

Co-Secretary, At-large

Valerie Feldman

Co-Secretary, At-large

Rachel Smith

Treasurer, Rural Community Assistance Corporation

Paul Ainger

Officer, Retired

Stephan Daues

Officer, Mercy Housing

Tamie Dramer

Officer, Organize Sacramento

John Foley

Officer, Sacramento Self Help Housing

Nur Kausar

Officer, At-large

Alicia Sebastian

Officer, California Coalition for Rural Housing
Our Partners

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