Congratulations to everyone for the great work in getting Propositions 1 & 2 passed! The efforts of our regional coalition, especially the coalition members’ communications and advocacy, made the difference in our region, raising the awareness of the role that these two propositions could play in alleviating our housing crisis. We will now have more resources to ensure that everyone has a safe, accessible and affordable place to call home! This is an important moment in our joint work to promote housing justice in our region and its worth reflecting on what it took to get us here and on the amazing coalition and allies we have had the privilege of working with. Thank you all for joining us in this effort. We should take some time to savor this important victory, and then we need to get right back at it to ensure our region gets its fair share of these important State resources! And for our Sacramento colleagues and allies, Measure U was approved by voters with the promise of local resources for affordable homes — we need to get to work immediately to ensure that happens and resources get allocated and targeted to assist those in the greatest need.

Thank you again and Congratulations!!!

Cathy Creswell, SHA President