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  • Day 1 Highlights:
    • Presentation by Dr. Jesus Hernandez

    Dr. Jesus Hernandez, the keynote speaker of the day discussed the history of Oak Park, the effects of racial isolation and how this impacts market conditions.  In addition, he discussed the needs of using legislative measures to protect disadvantaged communities. 

    The following links provide additional information on equitable urban planning and housing access. 

    See summit docs in google drive link below. 

    • Presentation by Sacramento Investment without Displacement:

    Sacramento Investment Without Displacement (SIWD) is a coalition of local organizations fighting to mitigate the displacement of current Oak Park residents with the construction of Aggie Square, an extension of the UC Davis Campus.  SIWD is advocating for the University of California, and Wexford LLC, the developer of the project to enter into a Community Benefits Agreement that will provide affordable housing, healthcare, education, and workforce opportunities in this joint effort of UC Davis and the City of Sacramento. 

Link to Google Drive Documents
  • Day 2 Highlights:
    • Richard Rothstein

    The keynote speaker, Richard Rothstein the author of the Color of Law discussed the historic impacts of government sanctioned segregation. 

    Something everyone can do in their role as citizen, short of big policy implementation, is ensure that our schools teach accurately the history of segregation. American schools are not presently doing so. If the next generation doesn’t learn this “forgotten” history better than we have, it will be in as poor a position to remedy it as we have been. Once we have created an explicit system of racial segregation, facially race neutral policies can perpetuate, even reinforce it.  The following links are a primer for the history of segregation in housing. 

    The “National Committee to Redress Racial Segregation.” will be beginning soon. To receive information on the launch email [email protected] your first and last name, your personal email, and the city where you live

    • Local Government Housing Leaders Panel:- see summit docs google drive link below for documents. 
    1. Presentation from Sarah Bontrager, Housing & Public Services Manager, City of Elk Grove
      1. (SHA Conference Presentation)-
    2. Presentation from Danielle Foster, Housing Policy Manager, City of Sacramento
      1. (City of Sacramento-SHA Conference)
    3. Presentation from Susan Salley Veazey, Program Manager, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
      1. (SHA Summit)

    Housing and Redevelopment Agency

Link to Google Drive Documents

Day 3 Highlights:

  1. Roadmap
  • Presentation by Valerie Feldman, Public Interest Law Project

1.Housing Element Public Participation Letter (SACOG Public Participation)

Link to Google Drive Documents