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Sacramento Housing Alliance and Mutual Housing California will be hosting panelists to discuss the following:

  • Current challenges in bringing electric vehicles and EV charging to disadvantaged neighborhoods and low income households;
  • Funding and installing electric vehicle battery chargers in affordable housing;
  • Funding and providing electric vehicles for EV sharing programs in affordable housing and successes and challenges in running EV share programs;
  • The need for special programs to help low income households obtain electric vehicles.

The following panelists will be participating:

• Bryan Dove, Director of Asset Management, Mutual Housing California
• Steffani Charkiewicz, Air Quality Engineer, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
• Jennifer Venema, Sustainability Manager, City of Sacramento
• Gary Bailey, Air Quality Engineer, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
• Moderator:  Rachel Iskow, Executive Director, Sacramento Housing Alliance

Who should come? SHA members, stakeholders, affordable housing developers and managers, environmental organizations, and equity groups.

This event will be held at a Mutual Housing community which has its own electric car share program that was funded by Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.

Light refreshments provided, but please bring your own brown bag lunch.

When: 1/23/2019, 11:30am-1:00pm


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