Erica Jaramillo knows what it’s like to struggle to find affordable housing.

At the end of July, her lease will expire in the Oak Park duplex she’s called home for six years. Her landlord is selling right in the middle of a red hot real estate market, so the chance of renewing is slim.

“It creates panic for me,” the 33-year-old Sacramento native told CapRadio. “It’s like the only thing I’m thinking about the rest of the day. Because all I have in the back of my head is ‘July 31st, July 31st.’”

A recent report found many of Sacramento County’s working-class residents simply aren’t making enough to keep up with these changes. Renters must now make about twice the state’s minimum wage, or nearly $27 per hour, just to afford the county’s average rent of $1,392. To read the full story click here