This year California’s housing affordability crisis crescendoed and the movement for affordable solutions reached a fever pitch. We are enthused by the number of housing solutions that reached this year’s ballot. From renters’ protections to affordable housing production, this is the year of housing on the California ballot. But we also face Californian challenges such as the old flawed and familiar “something for nothing” approach to Californian housing in Proposition 5. We urge all our supporters to follow our guide and lead California to an affordable future.

—Sacramento Housing Alliance

Proposition 1 – YES

Prop 1, the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act, will create affordable housing for our veterans, families, people experiencing homelessness, and individuals with disabilities. The measure is a $4 billion general obligation bond that will bring investment, jobs, and affordable homes into our communities.  Prop 1 is the result of the bipartisan passage of Senate Bill 3 (Beall), which Housing California helped pass, and has been endorsed by advocates, business leaders, labor, and veterans. Learn more.

Proposition 2 – YES

Prop 2, the No Place Like Home Act, will create supportive housing tied to mental health services for people living with a serious mental illness who are experiencing, or are at risk of, chronic homelessness. Like Prop 1, Prop 2 will create much needed housing without imposing any new taxes or fees on Californians, In this case, a $2 billion investment in supportive homes distributed geographically throughout the State. Learn more.

Proposition 5 – NO

Prop 5 will take away $1 billion a year from our schools and communities. Teachers, firefighters, health care workers, senior groups, housing advocates, community groups, and local governments are working to stop this harmful initiative because it only benefits wealthy property owners and realtors, and does nothing to help people in need of affordable housing. Learn more.

Proposition 6 – NO

Proposition 6 will take California steps backwards in improving our state transit infrastructure. A staggering 6,500 transit improvement projects will lose funding if it passes. In Sacramento alone, this includes 52 projects to improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety and 124 road and bridge safety projects. Vote No on Prop 6 to ensure safe transportation at home and throughout the State. Learn more.

Proposition 10 – YES

Prop 10 will allow our communities to provide more housing stability, protect families, and make California more affordable for us all. This statewide ballot measure will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, allowing local jurisdictions more flexibility with rent control measures. Learn more.

Measure U – YES

Measure U raises the necessary capital that Sacramento needs to run essential homeless services and fund affordable housing development at the levels necessary to receive matched state and federal funds. It is a crucial step we must take locally to climb our way out of our housing affordability and homelessness crises. Learn more.